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Meet the Artist

Hi there!


Thank you for stopping by my page!


I’m an entrepreneur, food enthusiast, world traveler, and your new best friend. But most importantly, I’m here to make you feel beautiful and confident on the inside and out.


What I do:


Upon obtaining my bachelor’s degree in Business, I decided to follow my one true passion in the beauty industry. 


After having worked with hundreds of men and women from all backgrounds, ethnicities and ages, my expertise has allowed me to connect with everyone and anyone, making your experience truly one-of-a-kind.


Who I’ve worked with:


Before I became a full-time freelance artist, I worked as a preferred makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics, the world’s leading makeup company. I appreciate all of my clients, past, present, and future. Some of my clients include NBC, Google, Sony, Microsoft, Farmers Insurance, PG&E, just to name a few. I’ve also had the privilege of working with some of the most sought after photographers and talent from Disney, Vogue, Atlantic Records, Golden State Warriors, Marc Jacobs, Sephora and countless others. Last but not least, I truly enjoy working with everyday people that I can connect with. If you’re ready to have a rockin’ good time and feel amazing about yourself, I'd love to meet you!



Photo credit: Molly Kate Photography

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